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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Worthy Book Ladies' Edition

Look who is back this year with another special edition booklet worth a yearlong of savings!
Yes, I'm talking about Worthy Book :-D 
And this booklet isn't new to those who had been reading(or stalking lol) my blog over the years (thank you so much for the endless love & support *hugs*) 
Was actually planning to do a V-log for this review like last year but i guess my new laptop's speaker isn't made for recording :-( 
After i was done recording and pressed playback, all i could hear was muffled up sounds =_= All my hard efforts wasted *fantoi*
Back to old fashion typing lol.

I would also like to thank Worthy Book and Only Beauty for being such awesome sponsors because of them they have given me a lifetime chance of exposure in various kinds of field which is beneficial as a blogger. 
When I first got approached by Worthy Book last year by one of my blog readers who was working as an intern with that company and she proposed me to the company as a blogger (Thank you so much Michelle, I'm forever grateful for that rare opportunity).
I felt so honored when Worthy Book agreed to Michelle's idea to sponsor me a booklet for reviewing purposes, so from there onwards I've worked closely with Worthy Book ;-)

Thank you Worthy Book & OnlyBeauty!

Remember their last year F&B edition?
*pinchable cheeks* chuuuuu~ 
Old post available here : http://bit.ly/17fJ4uW

I find their concept of a yearlong worth of savings in a form of a booklet was really something useful, it encourages people to try out new eateries that has recently opened in Klang Valley with their promotional discount vouchers /freebies.
Because of them I finally got to try Krisy Kreme Doughnuts and other posh makan places *shiawase*

Since the overwhelming response from last year's Worthy Book idea I guess they had many feedbacks from ladies requesting a special beauty edition. Don't get me wrong, the first Food edition was a good unisex edition, but girls wanna stay slim and look pretty too y'know :-P

So this year around last month Worthy Book launched a new Ladies Edition Worthy Book for 2013-2014 specially for all the girls out there ♥

Have a peek of the Beauty Index ✿♥‿♥✿
Alot of tempting brands and covers every single beauty needs from head to toe!

I'm going to list out a few vouchers that really got me super duper excited because I didn't know they were collaborating with Worthy Book!
And those are the few brands/ places that I've blogged about before, so I'll link my review below each photo ;-) *winks*

Vila Manja, my favourite place to relax and get away from the city stress without going too far :-D
Ironically it's located in the heart of KL, but still away from the busy city area :-)
Read about my cute bachelorette party here: http://bit.ly/13w62IZ 

Of course, TT Mask my all time favorite have to thank Vanity Trove for introducing this awesome brand! Can't believe my eyes when I saw the saving vouchers inside Worthy Book, trust me once you have tried this face mask you will never look back at other face mask again! Take my word for it ♥

Gosh!! Skinlab is in it too! *yippie*
This is another brand that I have to thank Vanity Trove for, if it weren't for them i wouldn't have known all these brands :-) Their goats milk soap is total love, leaves you skin feeling super smooth and moisturized with just one wash. Can't wait to try out other stuff from Skinlab with these Worthy Book vouchers. Another good reason to subscribe to Vanity Trove as well ;-) http://bit.ly/11fbtd7

In general this booklet contains discounts and freebies worth more than RM12000 and you only pay RM29.90 for it! ;-)
You can get them at local bookstores like MPH, Popular, Boarders and selected MyNews.com stands all over Klang Valley. 
I know the previous F&B booklet was only valid for eatery in KL this time the vouchers in ladies edition is valid for branches all over peninsular Malaysia :-)

Snap a picture of yourself with the booklet to score yourself extra vouchers of your choice (‘∀’●)♡

This is just my suggestion is they are coming out with a new edition next year :-P 
It will be great if the booklet is made for unisex usage like a balance of food and ladies pampering vouchers.
This ladies edition is a good concept because it solely focuses on a woman's beauty needs but kesian the guys as well :-P haha sorry men this year no free makan vouchers for you.
The vouchers are valid all year round so you don't have to worry about it expiring anytime soon~ Get your Worthy Book today!

More updates follow them closely on Facebook ;-)



  1. Weeeee can't wait to get mine and try out those vouchers :D

  2. is there a worthy book for guys too? lol

    1. haha you can email them for that special request XD who knows they might actually come out one for guys next year :D

  3. Never heard of this. Thnks fr sharing! But got vilamanja vouchers!!! Omg!


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