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Lousy Wednesday

Yes, one day after my 20th birthday (thank you everyone for reminding me lol if not i won't even remember it was my birthday) seems to be bloody jinxed (=_=lll)

WARNING : This is a WTF post because i felt like ranting on how shitty my day was. WTF

Started off with a horrible morning breakfast, didn't feel like having my usual cup of oats today so I made myself half boiled eggs, the saddest part is they weren't even cooked when i took them out! It was more like raw eggs and i was so blur to notice it (8am, my eyes are still half close lol) ate 2 scoops full to realised it's not cooked (=_=lll)wtf. Had to throw it away because i felt like puking so I made myself a cup of yogurt (and the tub finished, fml) and a glass of warm milk before fainting back to my floor because of migraine. I don't sleep on my mattress because it's accumulated by clothes and what nots XD

Was suppose to go to college today to sew my prototype garment though i had no classes, but thanks to my stupid body it shut down till 1pm (=_=lll) half day wasted just like that! *slaps self*

Woke up because I was hungry and i seriously had no idea of what to eat since I did not prepare anything the night before (not even marinated chicken!)
But thank god there was broccoli so i made my usual steam egg with that leftover pitiful vegetable lol once it was done took out the bowl from the steamer and ended up dropping my one and only plate (=_=lll)
Didn't snap a picture of it because the mess was horrible lol and I thought my day couldn't get any worse but I was wrong (=_=lll)

Well at least i finally found a screwdriver in my house to assemble my new pots that I've bought from ikea last semester. Didn't bother to fix it till today lol

Started working from home, at times like these i wished i could afford a portable sewing machine so i don't have to drag myself to college when i'm sick :-( Anyone kind enough to donate a 2nd hand one to me or sponsor? *kena shot* XD

Dinner was rather interesting because I finally got to use the new grill pan i borrowed from my mom, previously i was using a RM5 Daiso cooking pan that rust after 2 months D:
Thank you for the grill pan mumsie (‘∀’●)♡ *loves*

Was damn happy that my chicken did not stick to the pan so the cleaning wasn't a bitch like the daiso frying pan lol 

Everything went well till i sat down to eat, here comes my dinner mishap (=_=lll)
Broke another bowl, and this bowl was my one and only bowl that i had when i first moved out 2 years ago I still remember where i bought it lol! It was at Tesco clearing off for RM5 XD 
You have served me well my dear bowl, may you Rest In Pieces (;へ:)

My lovely dinner ruin 。・゚゚・(>д<)・゚゚・。 *cries*

Was so lazy to make another meal because I'm hungry so the only thing left was ready pack yogurt in the fridge/sadcase oTL
Don't worry, i had 3 oranges and 2 apples as well, now I'm stuffed @_@ Shouldn't have ate 3 oranges.

The End.
How pathetic is that? 

P/S : Oh, came across 2 things that made me laugh my ass off today XD lol

and watch this video LOL



  1. >__< what a day! Cheer up babe *hugs*
    Tomorrow will be better!

  2. that grill pan is so expensive lor... i don't mind if i can get it for free also! :P I also got that ikea pots... the screw always go loose one so be sure to keep the screwdriver in a place that u can remember

    1. Yea >.< I couldn't afford it till my mom said she wasn't using hers so i could loan it :D *happy* really? thanks for the warning O_O

  3. aiyo >.< next time be more careful babe!

  4. omg kesian....i would really WTF too if my day was like that...hope tomorrow will be a better day for you :) Two more days to the weekend!!! :D

  5. Have to be more careful la aiyoyo!!

  6. it's just a bad day for u. hope u will be alright >.<


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