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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Why I want a Havaianas ♥

Why do I want my own pair of Havaianas to wear to the spa party? 
It's pretty obvious for actually :-D 

Being a laid back and aloof person, I personally rather wear flip flops than high heels (true story) though most of the time everyone sees me in minimal 4 inch heels lol
Anyway my shoe closet has nothing but high heels and I'll always them everywhere I go. While happily planning what I was gonna wear for the spa party I found a matching pair of heels to go with the outfit. 

But after that I thinked again...

I can imagine this fabulous scene of me happening lol

Yes, nothing but high heels -__-
And I thought they will match my outfit very well D: /Sad
Still tempted to use it to the party though >.<

But my Jiminy Cricket (conscience) told me this. Very helpful indeed (>_>) 
I hate you conscience.

Now I nice pair of flip flops is needed to complete my full get up that I've personally prepared for the spa party since i can't use my high heels now lol D:

The only missing thing is a pair of matching girly flip flops to complete my outfit ♥
Pink from Head to toe babehhhh! *Yeah!*

Based on Tammy's moodboard, i can guess it's going to be all girly and pastel-ish day though a few years ago I wasn't a fan of pastel colors. Particularly the color pink, but somehow now I seem to adore it in pastel now, mint as well >.< No idea why...all of a sudden I feel so girly though I grew up kicking guys at their crotches (guilty as charged lol)
Maybe i'm in a "Spring Mood" XD

Pink shower cap, pink wardrobe but no nice looking flip flops aside from my pasar pagi ones that I've been using for years and the soles have long burned out which makes it extra dangerous to continue using yet i just couldn't find the time to find a pair of nice replacements :-(

Guess the age of this flip flops lol
As a fashionista, I strongly disagree matching this flip flops will my cute girly spa outfit /kena slaps XD

I also heard that Havaianas's soles are made from the best quality rubber making them very long lasting and super comfortable (*A*) After hearing that it makes them even more desirable right now.
And look I've even found a lovely matching design to complete my outfit too!  :-D

This baby has my name written all over it (♥_♥) *hearts*

Havaianas why you so pretty???


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