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There Goes My Toenail! D:

Yea, as you guys have noticed me spamming my instagram with pictures of my feet last weekend lol
I finally got my ingrown toenail removed! 
It's a common problem among most people, not sure what it is? :-P
Read up about it over here : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ingrown_nail
Who knows you might be suffering from it without realizing lol~

After years of trying to cut it out on my own which lead to a bloody mess (literally) every single time >_>
So i left it alone thinking the nail will just grown longer and it will stop hurting, I WAS SO WRONG =____=
It didn't grow longer but it grew deeper into the flesh, and gawd...it hurts so badly every time i wore  covered toe heels or i accidentally stub my toe against the table /fml oTL

It was really sudden that i've finally made up my mind to get that bloody nail removed :-/ Well, better now than later right?

LOL..My feet ish sparkling with the instagram filters :-P /kena piak
I know I have very disfigured looking feet, the abuse it has to handle every single time i'm wearing high heels >.<

Before the surgery, the doctor injected anesthetic on my big toe to numb it and guess what happened? It didn't work..Just as I feared :-/ I have issues with anesthetics..i think I'm sort of immune to it lol
Because the last time they tried to numb my ear lobes before piercing it didn't work for me but it did for my sister D: So i felt they "stapler" pain on my ears lol so not fair!

So he injected like 2-3 times around the toe and the worst part is when he injected directly at the nerve near the nail..hurts so fucking bad that i couldn't help but to hold in my tears (pardon my crudeness lol I just had to say it :-P )
Then he started cutting the nail..worst part i could feel the bloody scissors cutting through my nail >.< i told him to stop because the pain was unbearable, the doctor was also shocked that i could still feel the pain after 3 shots of anesthetic lol

In the end, in total to numb my whole bloody toe it took 7 anesthetic shots (just for one frigging toe! WTF) θ\(;¬_¬) 
In the end he also malas to layan me, he directly continue cutting the nail off haha :D So there goes half my toenail~

Haha, got my sayang to take picture of the mini surgery :D I know it's disgusting, but at least it is not an upclose bloody photo eh? :D

Had to take meds to keep the swelling and pain at bay (*≧m≦*) First time getting blue color tablets though  ~ so colorful (●´∀`●)
Medicine, not my best friend..but i somehow take them so frequently thanks to my weak body D: 

Yep, the first few days of college, had a hard time getting around especially up and down the stairs (x_x;)Thank you to my classmates for helping me around >.< /paiseh ma fan you guys @_@
Really felt like an "OKU" (orang kurang upaya) oTL Thank god it's healing now at least!

Noticed the nice green new shoes? It's from Scholl's latest Autumn Winter 2012 collection! The comfort is total bliss♥! (ノ´∀`*)ノ Suitable for my sore bandaged over sized sausage :-P
Thank you so much Scholl
Will blog about their latest collection soon! :-) They have really nice designs this season ♥ Remember to drop by any Scholl Outlet to take a look today~ *winks*



  1. My mum had toes like that. Google Hallux valgus. It's possible to fix it, but it will be worse than the operation you just had.

    1. Ouch, hope your mom got hers fixed as well >.<

  2. hi dear, which clinic did you go for treatment and how much it costs? coz my brother kinda having the same case just like you.sorry if i disturbing you and thanks for your time for replying my comment.
    have a nice day ahead!


    1. Hi dear :)
      I did the surgery in a clinic instead of a hospital, it cost me about rm80 to get the toenail removed and rm10 each follow up check up and changing the bandage :)

    2. May I know the name of the clinic? Because i think not all clinic have the treatment right? thank u dear :)

    3. It's klinik dan surgery Guna, seri kembangan :)
      They do offer this kind of services for clinics that state "surgery" as well ;)


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