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Kiss Me's Mobile Roadshow Grand Launch

Kiss Me's roadshow beauty mobile station is back this year and it will be heading to Penang for the weekend! ;-)
So Penangites get ready to spot Kiss Me's truck and raid it girls!

Last Saturday was the grand launching of Kiss Me's beauty mobile station and the release of their  new brown color mascara that was held outside Sg Wang's entrance (near cotton on) and it was there over the weekend before heading to their 2nd stop.

Thank you so much Kiss Me for inviting me to be part of this prestigious launch ♥ Getting the privilege to raid the truck first hand before the public was a total bliss, it was like stepping into HEAVEN ZONE  lol!

It's never a regret to attend a Kiss Me event, even though I had to rush like mad from one end to another lol because they are my all time favorite cosmetic brand next to J Pop Corner. I might love Japan alot but I'm not siding them because of that :-P Their products really proven themselves worthy of all their promises! Really no regrets splurging on my very first Kiss Me mascara :-D

Yep, found an old photo in my pendrive :-D I'm amazed at how much they have involved+ improved in a short  span of 2 years.

Though i have missed half of the event no thanks to the stupid immigration office in Sri Rampai for wasting my time =_= was there since 6.30am until nearly 10am before it was my turn to get my passport renewed, wtf.

They have even invited Sayaka Kondo, a Japanese make-up guru that flew all the way from Japan to do a live demonstration during the launch! Got to learn some new tricks from her too~ Thank you Sayaka-san! ♥

Our model of the day was none other than famous Malaysian 2013 GT Queen, Julie Tan!
Finally get to meet her face to face and take pictures~ :3 *happy*

Look how pretty these two girls are! Their secret to looking pretty?
 By using Kiss me cosmetics of course lol :-D

Now, time for a sneak peak of what's inside the beauty station...

You can find every single of Kiss Me's products being displayed in the elegantly decorated mobile beauty station! So if you have been searching for a particular product and can't seem to find it anywhere, make sure to keep a look out for this beauty truck because they might just stop by your area! ;-)

Group picture session with all the Kiss Me VIPs and their collaboration partners from Watsons.

Now it's time for our bloggers group photo! It's an honor getting to be part of this family, a real dream come true for every single make up loving girl (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) Can't thank you guys enough!
Try to spot the soon bride to be, Yukiko Tan ;-D Saturday was indeed a happy day, not only just the grand launch but our dear sister Yuki's hen's night as well~ Woohoo~ Congratulations again Yukiko!! *huggies* (/^▽^)/
Read all about her touching party here : http://bit.ly/16kQzkr

Beauty bloggers that I finally got to meet after so long :-P
(Left)Yumi meki and Jyuri

Pretty Jyuri-chan and me!♥
The theme color of the event was obviously pink and as usual my boring monochrome colored wardrobe doesn't have any pink *sobs* (╥﹏╥) that was the closes i had to pink lol

And finally after reaching home from an exhausting day, opened my media kit and greeted me was a lovely surprise from dear Kiss Me! Their new brown mascaras~ Yay!!! Can't wait to try them out myself  and share it with you girlsヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ *Super duper excited* 
Who just doesn't love mascaras? Don't you girls agree with that as well? ;-) *winks*

 If you have missed them over the 1st week of their roadshow, fret not because it is still ongoing till the 10th of June! ;-D

For more updates of their latest whereabouts, visit their Facebook page here :

Official Facebook Page :

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Closing date is next week, 20th May 2013! ;-)
All the best to those who have participated and thank you so much for your support~



  1. didn't snap photo with u tat day.. i always forget about snap photos with ppl.. = ="

    1. Yalor!!! T^T same here! oTL Thanks again for the cute Korean souvenirs!! ^w^


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